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About us

Our Expertise

We are experienced event planners who understand the full cycle of an event. Between us we have managed hundreds of events worldwide, in many different sectors. Digital content does not change the objectives of any event, but presents new ways of engaging an audience. We have taken the time to understand how the platforms and tools now available can enhance the process so we can be creative and effective at helping our clients deliver great events.

Our Philosophy

One size does NOT fit all. We carefully listen and tailor each event to our client needs. 

We start by understanding the objective of your event - focussing on what success looks like when it's over. We keep this in mind as we help you to plan the format, content, speakers, branding, visuals, colours and sounds.

Honesty is the best policy, so we will never shy away from advising you on what we believe will be necessary to ensure you meet your objectives.

Our Commitment to Results

We don't have 9-5 mentality. Our commitment is to making the events we are working on the best they can possibly be. We support our clients through every step of the process and always endeavour to find quick and effective solutions to any challenges we face.

Independent advice

We have no affiliation or investment in any event management platforms. We will advise of the best platform or systems to use based solely on your real needs. We are constantly reviewing the marketplace for new systems and keep ourselves updated on the developing features sets of the key platforms.

Philip Griffin.jpg

Philip Griffin

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Co-Founder and Technical Director

+32 486 97 63 57

Philip has been a hospitality and event professional for most of his career. He has a great deal of experience in managing events in Europe, North and South America and Asia, usually to a global audience.  

In addition to event management, Philip specialises in event accommodations systems and services and has been instrumental in designing and developing one of the leading platforms in this area.

He is also passionate about event technology and is driving forward our knowledge and capabilities for platforms, systems, equipment, and processes. He is always on the lookout for new event technology trends and learning about new tools to elevate Composite's repertoire.

Philip also advises clients on the best platforms, systems and technology they could use in-house to raise their event production capabilities. 

Katinka Meszaros HRes.jpg

Katinka Estrade

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Co-Founder and Operations Director

+32 470 58 60 23

Katinka is a passionate event professional with 10+ years of experience in organising events for associations and international companies. In that time she has assembled a huge network of event suppliers including: venues, moderators, caterers, entertainers, videographers and photographers, graphic designers and copywriters.

Understanding the importance of good organisation and  constantly improving process, she has developed best practices to ensure high standards  - especially important for digital events.


A specialist in Diplomatic Protocol and VIP management, Katinka makes sure that all speakers have what they need and are well prepared before presenting online or from a studio.


Event design and engagement techniques are constantly evolving so Katinka is always on the lookout for new ways of making every event the best experience yet for the participants.

She has a magic box of endless creative ideas.

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