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Composite Services

The Composite team are experienced event strategists and planners who understand the full event cycle. We organise all types of events worldwide. We understand how digital content works, both in a full digital environment or as part of a hybrid event. 

We have a range of skills and expertise to help our clients - either as part of their team, or by managing the entire event. We can help you with some, or all, of the services listed - contact us to discuss your needs.  

Event Strategy & Design


Initial concept

Discovery of objectives and stakeholder expectations

Budget calculation

Sponsorship/Revenue model







Plan, Manage & Execute

Event Management

Resources & Schedule

Registration, post-event surveys and analytics

Speaker and moderator briefing

Contracting of venues and service providers

Selection and set-up of event management platform

Session planning and scripting

Coordinate with stakeholders, suppliers and
internal resources

VIP Management

Onsite event coordination


Full Technical Production


End-to-end Event Production

Management of Technical Platforms

Show flow design

Branded production visuals

Speaker technical preparation & rehearsals

Full audio visual equipment supply

Technical crew support

Pre-recorded video and graphics material

Session streaming recording

Post-production editing

Multi-lingual translation services

Event soundtrack - unique music

Event Branding

Branding Strategy

Event Identity

Visual asset design

Social Media Coverage

Event Website

Video Teaser

Participant communication before, during and after the event

Post event video and images


Consultancy and Training


Assistance with the selection of suitable systems/platforms for event management, production and streaming

Advice on the design of an internal Studio

Assessment of required technical skills and system knowledge for internal event planners

Training your team on particular systems, technical and presentation skills

One size does NOT fit all

Contact us to discuss your event ideas and how can we help.
Drop us an email at when you need creative help for your digital, hybrid or live events.
We would love to help you raise the bar with your next event in 2022!

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